Nitto NT 555R

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The Nitto NT 555R Extreme Drag Radial Tire is an exciting addition to the specialty performance radial tire segment of the Nitto Tire Product Line. With the NT-555R Nitto engineers succeeded in designing a DOT approved, drag racing radial tire. Nitto Tire demanded a tire that would outperform all drag racing radial tires, provide impressive control and handling, and still deliver up to 15,000 miles of tread life of normal street-driving use. NT-555R's are manufactured with the original tread depth of 6/32nd's of an inch and are constructed with a specially formulated soft racing tread compound to provide maximum traction. However, this soft and flexible tread will wear much quicker than tread compounds formulated for regular passenger cars. The Nitto NT-555R is designed primarily for competition drag racing.

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• Slanted groove and lateral slit pattern
• Improved dry traction due to high block rigidity
• Slanted groove and lateral slit pattern offers water drainage


• Excellent cornering and handling
• Offers water drainage for safety on wet surfaces
• Manufacturer's Error Warranty

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